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We can help you...

  • If you need to engage your school with a project that will allow the children to be involved while still working with the restrictions of isolation then we can help.


  •  If you are working with the other end of the spectrum be it in a retirement village or care facility then we can help you.

  • If you need a community project that will help connect, inform and stimulate without all the setting up, iae will do all this for you.

  • We provide a comprehensive package from start to finish, a timetable of work and clear aims and objectives.

  • With regular Zoom or Team get togethers, a website purely for your project that allows safe communication and daily updates.


  • A timetable will be provided that allows all participants of the project to know when get togethers will take place, we will provide tutorials and help throughout the project.




For more information please contact 

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