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A brief breakdown, how will it work?

Please note that during COVid and the restrictions that it has put on our society all meetings will take place on line with Teams or Zoom.

How we start...
Flexible Payment Planning
Laptop and Diary Topview

1.Initial contact to discuss 

Aims and Objectives of the project.


2.A time scale and costs. 

All of this can be done by phone or computer. Written conformation will be sent out and copies to be signed and agreed on will be sent to all parties.

3. Every project is individual to those taking part, all themes will have different outcomes as the people taking part will lead a project to its conclusion. 

As the project develops we will guide you all the way.

iae will provide a selection of options for the project and will work with you to develop the best option for your required aims and objectives.

4. After the first meeting of all groups, iae will produce and provide a timetable of work that will be distributed to all.

5. iae will build a website with a blog just for the project with a name chosen by the participating parties.

6. Each group will have a facilitator who will oversee their project. The groups will need to send photos of the project developing and any other information collected that will be put onto the website by iae.


7. Prior to starting the project both sides will need to provide disclaimers for those participants taking part. This will cover the content that will go online, photos, images content etc.

8. Tutorials will be available throughout the week these times will be provided on initial work plan / timetable.

9. Advice and tutorials will be provided on the website. Information and notes will be sent to the project facilitator at each participating group. The facilitator can then send all information to all of those in the group by email to all those involved in the group keeping email addresses private to each party involved.



The parties involved in the project will be able to access work online on their very own website. 

No social media site a bespoke website for the participants of the project.


Computers, email Zoom or Facetime will be paramount in the communication of this work


Any age can participate be it junior or senior school. The work can also link with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. 


It is important that generations are able, to mix and converse, share memories and stories of their past.

Designer On Computer
The Contract
Art Fun
Remote Learning

Initial meeting

Time scale and planning

Cost of project.

Tutorials on Line

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