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"Due to COVid many intergenerational projects have needed to be postponed until safer times.


iae believes that with modern technology and imagination we can overcome any barriers to continue working with these "two bookends in society”

“Our work aims to reduce vulnerability and loneliness amongst our elders. Introducing youngsters to this age group and breaking down any preconceived stereo types that may be present in either group.”

IAE provide intergenerational Arts projects that allow groups from different cultures, backgrounds and generations the opportunity to work together on Arts based assignments. 


These can be done while both groups are in their safety “Bubble”. 

The program has been designed to allow full participation by all parties while self distancing is observed. 


During these times of COvid it is important to think out of the box and to develop a way of working that will allow intergenerational work to continue. 

The elderly are unable to participate in actives like they did. 

Activities stimulate the mind and improve a persons well being.


 Thinking out of the Box 

This was a project where residents in a care home learnt how to Felt. The results were amazing. This is a craft form that no-one would necessarily think of introducing to the over 90's . However with a little help and guidance these wonderful results were created.

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